Amber Game - GENERAL

What is the Amber Game?

Amber is an investment game running on the Ethereum Blockchain. To play it, you need to own Ether and have installed MetaMask.

How to play?

Enter the cavern and gain control of one or multiple gemstone(s). Keep in mind that it is a game. In the space of Ethereum games there one-quote-to-rule-them-all: Only invest, what you are willing to lose. The minimum investment needed to join the game is and will ever be as small as 0.025 ETH.
You can also follow the Easy Start Guide.

Amber Game - GAMEPLAY

What do the different numbers mean?

A gem with its three values.

I ignited a gem, how does the price increase?

Every time you buy a gem the price will increase by a multiplier which at least doubles the price. That guarantees a complete payback when someone ignites a gem which you are the owner of since 50% of that Ether goes right into your pocket. The multiplier can be very high and result in a huge return for you - only if you are lucky though. The algorithm and therefore the maximum multiplier is not disclosed.

I lost a gem, what happened?

Whenever someone ignites a gem that you owned, it switches owner. However, all the money that was used to ignite this gem is distributed along the chain (50% goes to your savings as the previous owner).

How does the distribution work?

Any buy-in will result in a split - the total of 100% is split between the gem chain - No Fees:

How would an example buy look like?

Alice sends Bob her waypoint link. Bob clicks on the link and buys gem#10 for 10 ETH.
The investment is split the following:

How are new gems created?

The buyer of the top gem (gem with highest number) will spawn a new gem on top of the chain with an initial price of 0.025 ETH. This means, buying the top gem will results in possessing two gems.

How does the Waypoint System work?

Copy your waypoint to invite other people into the game. When anyone clicks on your link, your waypoint information is saved within the browser for 24hours. This means that refreshing the website or opening Amber Game at a later time does not change the fact that you will be set as their referrer. If within these 24hours person X purchases a gem, you will be saved into the blockchain smart contract as a referrer, forever. This will give you a 5% referral bonus on all buys they make.

Where can I see my profits?

All ETH gained by split, flip and waypoint is recorded in your savings (yellow numbers in the top menu bar!). Details are shown when you hover over the number!

What happens if my transaction is on the way, and someone purchases the same gem with higher gas?

The transaction with higher gas price probably goes through first. This means that the person who chose to submit the transaction with lower gas does not ignite the gem. However, as the transaction is then dropped, he/she doesn't lose any ETH and gets to choose again. Wisely!

How can I withdraw my profits without using the website?

Just use MetaMask: Send a 0 Ether transaction to the Amber smart contract address 0xB66041c5AcCC99fCcCe8e4f06074ac52C9C556DD and type 0x0ed86f04 into the Hex Data field.

Meta Information


In November 2018, Amber 1.0 was replaced with version 2.0. Read about the re-launch here.

About the Project

The Amber Game is a hot-potato-style combined with dividends-chain investment game!
Therefore both fast investment flips and/or long-term dividends are possible in the same game! The Smart Contracts, the UI, the Design and all other resources connected to Amber were developed over months from scratch by our team, and only by our team. Amber is not a clone nor a scam. The game is trust-less, meaning you don't even have to trust us - check the Amber 2.0 source code and legacy contract source code!

Is my investment safe?

The game is controlled by a decentralized, open-source Ethereum smart contract (please feel free to check the source code!). Nobody, including the developers, has permission to access or control your belongings (neither your gems nor your Ether). The contract has been through different steps of quality and safety checks: unit tests, integration tests, multiple test phases on Ropsten Testnet. In addition, there was a bug bounty challenge conducted within the Amber Game Discord beta-tester and early-bird community (with a reward of 2ETH. No vulnerabilities were found!)

We also tested against very specific known hacks, none of which demonstrated any vulnerabilities either:
• Race Conditions
• Reentrancy
• Cross-function Race Conditions
• Pitfalls in Race Condition Solutions
• Transaction-Ordering Dependence (TOD)
• Timestamp Dependence
• Integer Overflow and Underflow
• DoS with (Unexpected) revert
• DoS with Block Gas Limit
• Forcibly Sending Ether to a Contract
• Delegate Call
• Short Address Attack
• All known Solidity compiler bugs

How do the developers make money from it?

Ultimately, the game is built for the community and we don't earn any money from the game by tapping Ether with fees on any transaction. The team is investing in the game from their personal funds. The project is financed through the initial gems and from referring the game using the waypoint system. As long as no referrer is set, the developers act as the referrer.

Who is the team?

The AGames team consists of indie developers, artists and community managers who each wanted an additional challenge to their daily lives and joined the project contributing their strengths.

Can I join the team?

At the moment we are not looking for full-time team members but are very willing to cooperate in marketing etc. If throughout that process the team likes your mindset and feels like you can contribute, anything can happen. ;)

Got many more questions, how can I interact with the community?

Please refer to our social media section.